woensdag 1 september 2010

Special Tea

Do you believe in fairy tales. You think you can make tea roses or lavender. You can buy small roses you can make tea and meals also can do. Lavender can also make tea. The roses are you doing in boiling hot water and let them lie down and ten minutes after ten minutes you have delicious pink tea soft taste delicious in the morning or evening.

fresh scent for your clothes

Ironing your clothes can be tedious. You can pamper yourself but also your clothes. You can linen water. If you will read this would think this is serious. Yes that's seriously what I thought first it will be. My clothes smell good but now has twice as better it is actually a kind of beauty treatment but for your clothes. You use it in your steam iron, you can do it in pure or you can have 1-3 2-3 linen water. You can also spray your clothes before you start ironing. You're in different scents

Bring Naturel Home

Home is a place to unwind. That also goes for the smell in your house. Is not it great when you come home and your home smells fresh and that the loading of your wardrobe closet opens and there comes a delightful fragrance. The fragrances can be as scented candle or fragrance purchase bags. You have different odors classic example, linens smell. It smells exactly clean laundry. Whether you have lots of flowery scents smell you have so much choice. You can buy them in various lifestyle stores.