woensdag 27 april 2011

A passion for fashion

 Most people know Lauren Conrad. Seen on television shows on MTV or her own the books. If your first love is fashion and style, this book is for you. It is so well made ​​and so beautiful photo effects of to cover. It was a pleasure to read the book but also to do my wardrobe to do. There are very useful tips such as what you take with you on vacation and for how long. As for me the book is very fun and interesting because they have a personal story in it. What I like about the book that I use every day.
Read the book and I'm sure you'll enjoy and can have.

woensdag 26 januari 2011

special perfume

For years I followed Sex and the City. The series and films are made with such class. Who would have thought that carrie married big after that dramatic happen on the wedding day itself. But what I really wanted to say is that Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) gives great smells designed and put on the market, but it is the first, smells like new. So cute yet so elegant. I fell in love when I smell it. The smell says it all Lovely perfume as well